Code ACF-MK3
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Code ACF-MK3
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    Tracer Tools ACF-MK3 Clog Free Markers

    A new introduction to our Tracer range, the all-purpose Clog-Free Construction Markers. 
    Available as a set of three markers, each with it's own holster. 
    The set of three includes one of each black, blue and red TRACER Clog-Free Markers. 
    Each colour has the ability to mark on almost every surface, including dusty and shiny surfaces. 
    Always to hand with TRACER site holster. 

    Perfect For Almost Every Surface 
    Clog Free Marking Even On Dusty & Shiny Surfaces 
    Mark On Tiles, Wood, Glass & Brick 

    Ideal for marking concrete, brick, dusty surfaces, wood and glass ... in fact, you make it Tracer will mark it