Pica Big Dry 6060 Longlife Automatic Construction Pencil Marker Refills

Code BIG Dry Refill
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Code BIG Dry Refill
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    Pica BIG Dry 6060 Longlife Construction Marker Refill Packs (6060 Pencil NOT included)

    Hard Case packs of 12 various use leads, for most versatile capabilities are available as refills for the Pica Big Dry 6060.
    6030 Universal Leads: "FOR ALL" 2B Graphite. 
    6031 Universal Leads: Red. 
    6032 Universal Leads: White. 
    6045 Universal Leads: Mix (2B, Red & White). 
    6050 Carpenter Leads: 2H Graphite. 
    6055 Stonemason Leads: 10H Graphite. 
    6051 All-weather Leads: "ANILINE 2.0" Graphite. 
    6070 Stable to 70° C Summer Heat Leads: Mix (2B, Red & Yellow).

    Pica BIG Dry – extremely tough!