Handsaws are suitable for tackling a wide range of carpentry and joinery projects.
Choosing the right saw for the right job is essential as well as being aware of the material to be cut.
Knowing these helps you to work efficiently and achieve the finish you need.
For smooth, clean cuts choose a blade with more teeth per inch (known as TPI).
Typical types of Handsaw will also include Tenon Saws, Dovetail Saws, Coping Saws, Piercing Saws, Fret Saws and Japanese Saws (Nokogiri).
A Handsaw does NOT feature a back and is therefore used to cut right through the respective material.
Both Tenon and Dovetail Saws feature a solid back which stiffens the blade and is for joint cutting. Coping, Piercing and Fret Saws all have finer replaceable blades and are used for more intricate work. Japanese Saws, well they speak for themselves.

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