Impact Sockets and Accessories

With a wall thickness of around 50% greater than that of a regular socket set socket, Impact Sockets are therefore the only choice suitable for use with all battery, electric and air driven impact wrenches.
Regular socket set sockets MUST only be used with ratchets, bars and torque wrenches, exactly what they were designed for.

Impact sockets are generally constructed from chrome molybdenum steel. A very durable and ductile grade of steel which adds additional elasticity to the socket and tends to bend or stretch rather than shatter. Whereas, regular socket set sockets are usually made from chrome vanadium steel, which is structurally strong but generally more brittle, and therefore prone to breaking when exposed to shock and vibration.

Another noticeable difference is that impact sockets have a cross hole in the handle end, for use with a retaining pin and ring, or pin lock drive, allowing the socket to remain securely attached to the impact wrench anvil, even under high stress situations.

Use impact sockets helps to achieve optimal tool efficiency but most importantly, ensures safety in the workspace becuase they are specifically designed to withstand the vibration and shock of each impact, preventing cracks or breaks, thereby prolonging the life of the socket and avoiding damage to the tool’s anvil.

Impact sockets can also be used safely on a hand tool, however you should NEVER use a regular hand tool socket on an impact wrench as this can be extremely dangerous.

All of which can be used in conjunction with either battery, air or electric impact wrenches as well as standard socket wrenches (ratchets and torque).
Standard depth 6pt Hex, Deep 6pt Hex, Standard depth 12pt Bi-Hex, Deep 12pt Bi-Hex, Thin Wall Standard depth 6pt Hex, Thin Wall Deep 6pt Hex along with Hex Head Sockets (for Cap Bolts).

You name it, we try to have a full line in-stock of 1/2" drive, 3/4" drive and 1" drive