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    Tracer APMA1 ProMitre Angle Tool 

    The TRACER ProMitre Angle Tool is a very cleverly designed measuring/marking tool with a large number of features and benefits. Made in the UK using high quality, durable plastics, this tool will stand up to the rigors of construction life and be a very useful asset to any carpenter, builder, joiner, kitchen fitter. 

    This one small tool has 8 pre-set markings! 

    Horizontal and Vertical Preset Angle Scales - Ideal for marking out angles from 10-80° (extra markings at 30,45 & 60°) - the double scale means you can mark the angle on more than one face of timber at the same time. 
    Parallel Drawing Positions - On the ‘horizontal’ face there is grid of pre-set holes marked out in 1mm increments, marking out parallel lines from 1mm-55mm is so simple. 
    Horizontal Measuring Scale - Use as a 0-60mm ruler. 
    Vertical Measuring Scale - Use as a 0-155mm ruler. 
    Vertical Angle Scale - Similar to a protractor – use this scale for marking any angle between 0°-90° 
    Dovetail Templates - The Pro-Mitre Angle has two dovetail templates (1:7=8° & 1:5=11°) making marking out for dovetail joints so simple. 
    Vertical Depth Scale - Next to the Dove Tail Templates, perfect for making detailed depth lines (ie: marking depth of dovetails) 
    Drill Guide - The 9 drill guide holes – ideal for checking the thickness of a drill bit, or marking out a hole prior to drilling. 

    Pair me with any TRACER Marking Pens or Pencils for the best mark.