Tyzack WHS 11" Canadian Pattern Brick Trowel with Leather bound wooden handle

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WHS Canadian pattern trowel, history brought back to life.
The Canadian Pattern trowel remains a very close shape relation to a Philadelphia Pattern trowel.  Only time and changes in manufacturing have kept the two patterns apart.
Born in 1793 William Hunt & Sons (or Work Hard and Safe as it was known in the trade) manufactured some of the greatest hand tools the UK has ever produced.  Sadly, throughout the next two and a quarter centuries, WHS effectively vanished through brand consumption.  Spear & Jackson have recently resurrected both WHS and Tyzack names and are now getting this 11" Canadian Brick Trowel featuring a Leather bound wooden handle manufactured for professionals and will meet the rigors of daily use.
Forged from a single piece of high quality carbon steel and ground to shape it is strong and will offer the user a good life of service.
The leather bound wooden handle has the hilt set at an optimum angle to reduce wrist strain and the handle now also features an end cap to tamp bricks down.

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