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Our story began in 1903 when a small company opened up shop in Chicago, Illinois. Founder Adele Holman, a former professional opera singer, envisioned a company that could grow through product innovation, excellent customer service, and woodworking tools with superior performance. She partnered with Hans Jorgensen, a Danish cabinetmaker, and Marcus Russ, a tool salesman. It was an unlikely combination at the time, but it laid the foundation for the Pony Jorgensen brands that woodworkers have come to rely on for high-quality clamps.

A woman running a manufacturing company was unheard of in 1903. But that’s exactly what Adele Holman did. She famously signed company documents and correspondences as “A. V. Holman” to hide her gender. Under her leadership, the product line was expanded beyond the original handscrews to include iron clamping products, such as C-clamps and bar clamps, as well as the now-famous Pony pipe clamp. There’s no doubt that Adele’s pioneering spirit set the groundwork for our company values.

Hans Jorgensen patented a handscrew that featured steel adjusting screws for much greater durability and clamping power, as well as adjustable clamping jaws to accommodate angles in the work being clamped. This single product was the beginning of the company’s great success, and the handscrew remains a staple in woodworking shops today.

To this day, making high-quality clamps is still our driving passion. Pony Jorgensen clamps are crafted with only the highest-quality materials because our mission is simple – to serve customers by providing the best products with the most trusted reputation in the industry.

We’re committed to our roots. Clamping tools are the only products that Pony Jorgensen offers, and we are the only brand to do so for more than a century. In fact, many of the tools we make today are manufactured using the original dies and equipment.

All our clamps are made to standards that meet or exceed the original specifications. When we say a clamp has a clamping force of 1,000 pounds, we mean it. It’s why craftspeople from all walks of life turn to the trusted strength of Pony Jorgensen clamping products.