Mandrex “ONE CLICK” System

Founded in the Netherlands in 2009, as MandreX Hole Saw System, we always supply the best quality products to our customers all over the world. We are dedicated to continually and improving our products to ensure quality results and maximum lifetime.

Maintaining our standard as one of the world’s leading manufacturers is important to us, and precisely what you should expect from a company like MandreX Hole Saw System. We are committed to ensure our high quality standards and are constantly working on improvements and innovations. Continuous product development and long testing phases mean our products meet the highest quality standards. Our customer service, quality control and maintaining the highest standards are fundamental to our company. We are proud of our reputation for innovation, quality and customer service.

After becoming a major and trustworthy player in the world-wide hole saw market we continued working on the wishes from our customers to design innovative problem solvers for other tools as well. Bringing standard tools on the market is not our challenge, being innovative and solving problems is our challenge for the past and many years to come. Each Mandrex tool is a problem solver, even for the most difficult jobs. Using the Smart tools from Mandrex saves you time, money and frustration!

Revolutionary and simple! Experience the future in hole saw systems. It is better, faster and more efficient than all existing systems in the market. This system fit almost every type of hole saw and the hole saw is easy to change..
Replace your Hole Saw with ONE CLICK.
Enlarge previously drilled holes. 
Eject the plug with ONE CLICK. 
One Arbor for large and small Hole Saws.

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