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Laser Digital Torque Ratchet

Similar to a traditional torque wrench, a carefully selected range of three 72 teeth ratchets, each with digital torque measurement handle allowing the application of torque tightening but in restricted access situations.

Each digital torque ratchet features a 72 teeth ratchet with quick release square drive.  Automatic shut-off and all three are bi-directional torque (suitable for both clockwise and anti-clockwise torque settings) and each are packed in it's own blow moulded case.

1/4" Drive : 6207
200mm long with a 6 - 30Nm (4 - 22lb-ft), +/- 4% range. 
Individual Manufacturing Date & Tested Certificate included.

3/8" Drive : 6206
210mm long with a 12 - 60Nm (8.9 - 44.3lb-ft), +/-2% range.
Individual Manufacturing Date & Tested Certificate included.

1/2" Drive : 6205
255mm long with a 20 - 100Nm (15 - 73lb-ft), +/- 2%. range.
Individual Manufacturing Date & Tested Certificate included.

When buying and using a torque wrench here are some top tips to always remember. 

Reasons why a Torque Wrench will malfunction.
• Always ensure your torque wrench is maintained in a dry, clean environment.
• Store the torque wrench in the case in which it was provided.
• Use a soft cloth to clean the tool and the display.
• Dropping or shaking the torque wrench.
• Overloading the recommended torque.
• Not using the torque wrench for a long period of time.
• Using the torque wrench in very hot or cold conditions (-10˚<60˚C), extreme humidity or direct sunlight.
• Using it to break a bolt (undoing).
• Using it as a breaker bar. 

Advisory precautions.
• Never use an extension bar.
• Never use a length of pipe to extend the handle of your torque wrench.
• Never submerge the wrench in water.
• Never clean the wrench with organic solvents.
• Do not dismantle the wrench.
• Always tighten in a slow and controlled manner and stop applying pressure immediately the torque wrench indicates the required setting has been reached. Tightening too quickly will result in an inaccurate final torque figure.

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