Estwing Curved Claw Carpenters Hammer with Nylon Vinyl Grip.

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Estwing's Curved Claw Solid Steel Carpenters Hammer range provides unsurpassed balance and temper.
Curved claws are generally seen as a carpenters claws.  The curved jaw allows a longer and fuller "pull" when removing nails.
The head and handle are fully polished and forged in one piece.
The exclusive Shock Reduction Grip® is moulded on and offers the utmost in both comfort and durability, while reducing vibrations caused by impact.

Manufactured in Rockford, Illinois using only the finest Solid America Steel.
Smooth Face.
Blue Shock Reduction Grip®.
Proudly made in the U.S.A.

6 weight and overall length options available

E3-12C     : 12oz : 280mm long
E3-16C     : 16oz : 330mm long
E3-20C    : 20oz : 345mm long
E3-22CR  : 22oz : 345mm long
E3-22C    : 22oz : 406mm long (yes, a framers length curved claw)
E3-28C    : 24oz : 345mm long

As with any hammer:
1) Always avoid glancing blows.
2) Do not over or under strike.
3) Never use the side of the hammer.

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