WorkGearUK WG-PX54 Top Grain Leather Professional Tool Rig with Suspenders

Code WG-PX54
Code WG-PX54
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    WorkGearUK WG-PX54 Tool Rig with Suspenders

    Wow ... what an incredible Top Grain Leather Tool Rig complete with Top Grain Leather Suspenders!
    Featuring two tunnel loop* pouches, belt, hammer loop and suspenders.

    Pouch one features four open mouth pockets with "tuck" pockets for driver/pencil/small tool holders.
    Pouch two features three open mouth pockets, "tuck pockets" and a tape holder.
    The Steel Hammer is a fixed loop holder suitable for any claw hammer
    3" Wide padded belt covering waist 30" to 44"
    A set of Top Grain Leather Suspender Loops
    And finally, the Suspenders (braces) which feature chest adjustment - vital if you load the rig to it's fullest no matter what shape you are.

    What else can we say ... it's a leather tool rig with leather pouches ... NO, it's a brilliant piece of WorkGear that we are proud to have!

    *Tunnel loop is a phrase used for where the work belt fits through the pouch, Basically the tunnel loop allows easy removal of either pouch from the belt. This facility coupled with the carry handle built into each pouch means you can easily take and carry an individual pouch to the jobsite if needed.