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Code RO5321
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    W. Rose™ CONCAVE Jointing Iron RO5321

    A first for the UK !!!! 
    Use this tool to make a protruding beaded masonry joints. 
    Creates a consistent convex joint every time for a watertight seal popular in historical restoration. 
    Each end makes a difference size joint for versatility. 
    Made from formed high quality steel for durability. 
    The jointer is then sent through a unique heat-tempering process for hardness and long wear. 
    The steel is then polished for a smooth, perfect joint every time. 
    The shape of the tool provides knuckle clearance as you move along the joints. 
    The overall length of the tool is 10-1/2" long. 
    Proudly made in the USA.

    Strong carbon steel blade
    Heat tempered for hardness
    Hand polished for a perfect joint
    Creates a convex, beaded joint
    Creates a water tight seal in mortar
    Designed for knuckle clearance
    Popular in historical restoration
    Overall length 10-1/2 In.
    Made in the USA