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    UltraGrime Power Scrub is seriously powerful. Take out stubborn, ground-in grease, dirt & grime with ease – these Clothwipes have a textured side for extra scrubbing power. Safe on hands, brutal on dirt.
    Whether you need to clean up oil, grease, ink, paint, silicones, or uncured PU foam, your UltraGrime® Pro Power Scrub Clothwipes will handle it.
    With a specially designed ultra-strong cloth fabric that has a rough abrasive side and a powerful grease-busting cleaning agent, these are the most effective grime wipes on the market. They’ll attack grease and grime, whilst at the same time being safe on hands and skin with dermatological testing.
    Plus, these wipes stay wetter and usable for longer than any other wipe, so you can go from one mess to the next with ease.

    80 XXL+ Clothwipes.
    Bigger at a massive – 38cm x 25cm.
    Super strong fabric – rough on one side, soft on the other.
    Stays wet and useable for over an hour out of the pack.
    Don’t dry out when lid is left open for days – try it for a week!
    3-in-1 action for efficient cleaning– Lifts, Cleans, Protects.
    Removes grease, paint, silicone, uncured PU foam, and adhesives.
    Strong, Flexible, recyclable packaging. Over 77% less plastic than regular tubs.
    Dispenses 1 wipe at a time.
    Safe for all surfaces.
    Dermatological tested = safe on Skin.
    Alcohol-free with vitamin E and aloe extract formula.
    Large absorbency capacity

    When life gets dirty, UltraGrime® fights back! Professionals and home users demanded a disposable Clothwipe that could tackle tough messes and UltraGrime® delivered. We offer two collections of products designed for different messes: The Pro range and Life range. Whether you work in the automotive or construction industry or just need a wipe that can clean up your everyday messes around the house, UltraGrime® has you covered. The secret is in our tough on grime, gentle on skin formula. Rather than leaving your skin dry and damaged, our safe formula is infused with aloe extract and vitamin E, leaving your hands safe and your workspace clean.
    UltraGrime® Clothwipes are BIGGER, WETTER & STRONGER than any other wipe, and they stay wet & usable for over an hour, so you’re wasting less. Plus, we use recycled materials wherever possible to cut down on our environmental footprint. Say goodbye to mess & dirt and try UltraGrime® wipes today. You’ll never look back.

    The Muck Stops Here!