Thanet Tool Supplies are very proud to have been selected as a Flagship Store for Toughbuilt. This means that every single day of the week, you can visit our Trade store and see and purchase the (ever growing) entire Toughbuilt range.

How do Toughbuilt do it? Toughbuilt listen, Toughbuilt research how professionals work, then create tools to help them save time, save hassle and save money. If it is not better, Toughbuilt don't make it. It's as simple as that.
When you check out a ToughBuilt product, you'll probably think "I wish I'd thought of that." In a way, you did. Because before Toughbuilt start designing, Toughbuilt spend hours watching hard working professionals like you at work. Then Toughbuilt figure out how to make your life work easier, better, faster.
You probably own a tool that belonged to your Dad. It's been sharpened, oiled, worn smooth and still works like the day it was made. That's the kind of tools Toughbuilt make. Toughbuilt design every ToughBuilt product to last. Toughbuilt invent, engineer, test, and verify every ToughBuilt product in the USA.  Manufacture every single item to their very strict quality standards and back them up with a fully supported warranty.
Some people think that to get the best of anything, you have to pay a lot. That doesn't work for them. The entire Toughbuilt team are tradesmen, designers, engineers, and manufacturing experts. Toughbuilt take pride in value engineering every ToughBuilt tool to give you unprecedented performance. Like you, Toughbuilt work hard to work smarter. Toughbuilt take pride in providing building quality and innovation, at a price affordable to nearly everyone. Innovation made affordable.
ToughBuilt is inspired by you and is designed from its inception to make your work easier and more efficient. Toughbuilt are dedicated to delivering "Affordable Innovation" to you. The journey of creating the best tools is just the beginning. Their intention is to provide an avenue for each of their customers to have a voice in improving what Toughbuilt do. Toughbuilt welcome your participation and any constructive criticism or comments that may help them improve and build better tools.
While every ToughBuilt product is built to be tough, it is important to use ToughBuilt products appropriately.

All ToughBuilt products are now protected by their exclusive 25 Year GUARANTEE, to the original purchaser, against defects in material or workmanship.  Normal wear and tear and conditions resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, alteration or improper care or maintenance voids the 25 Year GUARANTEE..
This guarantee is exclusive, in lieu of any other express guarantee of any kind and is offered by Toughbuilt themselves.

In order to activate the 25 Year GUARANTEE, the item must be registered at within 30 days of purchase. This extended guarantee is not transferable.

Please be advised the following information is required in order to process your claim.
There are no exceptions to the information which Toughbuilt require.

Full Name
Company Name (if applicable)
Mailing Address
Phone/Mobile Number
Email Address
Proof of Purchase
Product Name
Product Number
Photo of damaged item available when or if requested
Description of damage

To file a claim simply fill out a Warranty Claim form.

Thank you for choosing to purchase a tough built product by ToughBuilt Industries at Thanet Tool Supplies.

ToughBuilt TB-KP-G3 GelFit™ Fanatic - Thigh Support Stabilisation Knee Pads


Toughbuilt TB-CT-61-14 Rolling Massive Mouth Bag L : 14"


ToughBuilt TB-KP-3 FoamFit™ Specialist - Thigh Support Stabilisation Knee Pads


Toughbuilt TB-CT-61-18 Rolling Massive Mouth Bag XL : 18"


ToughBuilt TB-KP-G2 GelFit™ Knee Pads


Toughbuilt TB-CT-61-22 Rolling Massive Mouth Bag XXL : 22"


ToughBuilt TB-KPS SnapShells™

Price starting at £8.98

Toughbuilt TB-60-26 26" Massive Mouth Bag - Fanatic


Toughbuilt TB-CT-01 Contractor Pouch


ToughBuilt TB-KP-G2 GelFit™ Knee Pads with Rocker SnapShells™


Toughbuilt TB-CT-03 Mega Supply Pouch


ToughBuilt TB-KP-G2 GelFit™ Knee Pads with Non-Marring SnapShells™


Toughbuilt TB-CT-02 Framer Pouch


ToughBuilt TB-KP-G2 GelFit™ Knee Pads with Non-Marring SnapShells™


Toughbuilt TB-CT-05 Supply Pouch


Toughbuilt TB-CT-62-16A Hard Body Massive Mouth Bag L : 16"


Toughbuilt TB-CT-82-16 Hard Body Tool Tote L : 16"


Toughbuilt TB-CT-101-5 Contractor Tool Belt Set


ToughBuilt TB-H4-60-S Straight Cut Aviation Snips


ToughBuilt TB-H4-60-L Left Cut Aviation Snips


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