Alpen F4 Forte SDS+ Hammer Bit : 1400mm overall length.

Code SDS1400
Code SDS1400
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    The Alpen F4 Forte SDS+ hammer drill bit range has a patented 4X stepped profile and patented tip.
    Low wear, very long service life.
    A high efficiency drill bit for heavy-duty drilling in concrete, natural stone and brickwork.

    Overall length 1400mm with a drilling depth of 1340mm. Yes, over 4ft of working length!!

    We do recommend that you pre-drill a same diameter starter hole when using this length of SDS+ hammer bit. 

    As a drill bit gets longer in length, potentially the force behind an SDS+ drilling machines hammering action could gradually dissipate through the length but a long drill bit could also whip, easily bend under drilling pressure and go out of shape.

    During 2023 we have seen a "courier wide" implementation of an excessive length surcharge being added to any item which exceeds a 1M shipping length..
    Sadly, this is one of those items.
    We have been forced to add this £19.99 surcharge to ship this item (in addition to any other carriage charges incurred).