Puma Safety Fuse Technic S1P Safety Trainer designed only for Women

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    Puma Safety Fuse Technic S1P Safety Trainer designed only for Ladies

    Designed purely for Ladies, this highly flexible, durable and noticeably light S1P Safety Trainer. 
    The Fuse Tech features a Steel toe cap, BreathActive functional lining and a slip resistant sole. 

    Impact and compression resistant steel toe cap 
    Anti-static with an energy absorbing heel 
    Penetration resistance to 1100 Newtons 
    Slip resistance SRC - Resistance against slipping on both ceramic and steel surfaces covered with water and cleaning products 
    iCell improves the cushioning while enhancing the shoe's stability, guidance and comfort 
    Durable microfiber and breathable sandwich mesh upper 
    The double density natural FLEXMOTION PU sole provides a cushioning midsole and very flexible outsole 
    Evercushion BA footbed provides extreme comfort and moisture control 
    FUSE.TEC makes for an extra comfortable and durable safety trainer 

    Main outstanding features include : 
    Steel Toe Cap Protection 
    Heel energy absorption 
    Electro Static Dissipative 
    Composite midsole 
    Slip resistant

    An amazing companion to the Bisley Workwear Ladies FLX & MOVE™ Stone Stretch Work Pants or the Bisley Workwear Womens FLX & MOVE™ Stone Stretch Work Shorts