Pulsar 80% Alcohol Sanitising Liquid 300ml + 125ml Atomiser

Code HS300PLUS
Code HS300PLUS
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    Very Special, Limited Offer whilst STILL keeping safe .. now and forever - it doesn't do any harm!

    Pulsar Hand Sanitiser Liquid with 80% Alcohol in a 300ml flip top "ketchup" style container with a 125ml Atomiser
    This alcohol liquid hand sanitiser has been formulated in response to the focus on hygiene problems in areas where infection through cross contamination is a problem.
    This liquid is used primarily for the sanitising of hands prior to contact with patients, surfaces, instruments and food etc.
    A complex blend of alcohol, skin and emollients are designed to sanitise without the need for drying on a towel.
    World Health Organisation formulation 1, using 80% ethanol
    Kills 99.9% of most common germs that may be harmful
    No residual odour and need to wipe dry
    Kind to hands, contains emollients to help prevent dry hands
    Leaves hands clean and germ free at point of contact
    Manufactured and bottled in the UK
    Screw on 300ml flip-top lid bottle PLUS 125ml Atomiser