Code P5-ER
Code P5-ER
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    The PDP 5* Performance P5-ER is a premium mortar raking bit with high quality diamonds vacuum brazed directly to the cutting edge. 

    The EVORAKE has an M14 fitting for direct attachment to mini angle grinders and is the ideal tool to be used in conjunction with a Premier Diamond mortar raking blade because it is better suited and easier to use on intricate and delicate work, particularly vertical joints and natural stone jobs where a blade is often awkward to use and could cause damage to important brickwork or valuable stone.

    Use either of the 25mm long bits in preparation for repointing work.
    Use the longer 100mm bit for behind pipes or for complete brick removal.

    SUITABLE FOR USE ON: Mortar Raking.

    Use the 25mm long bit in preparation for repointing work.
    Use the 100mm long bit for behind pipes and complete brick removal.
    Pre-drill a pilot hole to aid start up.
    Hold the grinder firmly, ensuring the handle is fitted.
    Let the machine and bit work together at their own pace.
    Use a mortar raking blade for long horizontal joints.