PDP Professional P5 Fibrefast PCD/Cement Fibre Board Blades.

Code P5-PCD
Code P5-PCD
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    FIBREFAST is a saw blade with solid Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) teeth that cut effortlessly through cement fibre boards and many other difficult to cut composite panels. They are designed to be used on woodworking machines, such as cordless trim saws, corded circular saws, mitre saws and table saws. 

    FIBREFAST PCD blades offer significant life advantages over TCT blades when cutting cement board, lasting up to 100 times longer if the blade and machine are ideally suited to the application.

    ItemDiameter KerfTeethBore

    Make certain the blade is suitable for the material before cutting.
    Set the cutting depth so the teeth cut through the material by no more than 1mm.
    Guide the blade straight into the material.
    Do not use unnecessary pressure, the weight of the machine is sufficient.
    For very hard panels, it is recommended to use a minimum size electric saw of 184mm (the extra power and torque will help the PCD teeth work to their maximum potential on tougher applications).

    APPLICATION: Cutting
    PRODUCT CATEGORY: Fibrefast Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Blades
    MATERIAL CATEGORY: Fibre Cement Board and Composite Materials
    PERFORMANCE LEVEL: 5 Star (Premium)
    SUITABLE FOR USE ON: Cement Fibre Board, Composite Cladding and Panels, Laminated Products
    MACHINE TYPE: Cordless Circular Saw, Corded Circular Saw, Mitre Saw, Table Saw