Just a few of our Brands

Due to popular demand we are creating a "library" of the brands which we not only sell, work with and carry at our warehouse. In saying that, a majority will also be available in-store at our Ashford store.

We also have premium partners, these are products from suppliers who we work extremely closely with and where all products that we feature on our website are also available to collect in-store from Ashford.

Thanet Tool Supplies have over 250 suppliers who between them offer around 469 household brand names and over 149 not so familiar ones here in the UK. 

We continue to source products from around the world ourselves, these products added to those not so familiar ones from our UK supply chain all help towards a fair percentage of what makes Thanet Tool Supplies different.

With the internet now ruling our world, the world has become smaller and far more accessible, we have tried to make what has become easy, even easier for you