O'Keeffe's, a 20-year heritage of guaranteed relief. 

O'Keeffe's was started more than 25 years ago by a woman named Tara O'Keeffe, in an effort to help her Dad, Bill with his dry, cracked hands. Bill was a rancher, and he was diabetic. He had pretty bad hands that would crack and split and Tara couldn't find anything that would work for him.

So Tara, being a pharmacist, brought home ingredients from the pharmacy and made what is now Working Hands, in her own kitchen. Designed for her father Bill, that's why the product looks the way it does today. Even the rubber on the jar lid is inspired by the handle of a hammer. Little by little, word got out, and people started asking for it and buying it. Fast forward to today, and O'Keeffe's has a loyal following of not just people who work outdoors, but also nurses, teachers, mechanics, diabetics, and people with skin conditions such as Eczema. 

Here is the bit that Thanet Tool Supplies are very proud of.  It was during one of our relentless (and fun) purchasing trips to the USA that we stumbled upon the original O'Keeffe's company.  Long before the intervention of the forward thinking Gorilla Glue Company, Thanet Tool Supplies were the very first Non-US customer of O'Keeffe's.  We purchased it from the O'Keefe's sales rep called Greg (who had super smooth hands thanks to Working Hands) and imported it into the UK.  Successfully selling it to our internet customers and store customers alike ... Sadly, the Gorilla Glue Company intervention closed the US doors on our original O'Keeffe's account, but it's been a growing range of products that we have continued to sell regardless.