Mastic, Resin, Expanding Foam and Applicator Guns to suit

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We will not try to educate you about Mastic, Caulk, Expanding Foam or Resin.  You will all know far more about the products than we could ever tell you.  Because we are not experts, we sought advice and have put together a trade customer individually selected range which they use all of the time.  We appreciate that those selection will not suit everyone, but for us, non-expert, it's a really good start.

Mastic Guns and Caulking Guns are designed to hold a cartridge firmly, enabling the application of a smooth, controlled and straight line when sealing. Today, you can get entry level mastic guns right through to professional cordless versions. Also known as a silicone gun or mastic gun they can be used with a wide range of cartridges and are available in a choice of sizes and designs. 

Foam Guns are used to deploy expanding foam into specific locations. Perfect for sealing up draughts and sealing gaps. 
An applicator gun should have five key components: nozzle, pin, trigger, lock-off screw and inlet valve. Ensure you use expanding foam gun cleaner to keep your gun and nozzle clean after use, this will remove all uncured PU foam, it is suitable for either gun or hand foam.

Resin Guns are used to expel Chemical Anchor Resin from 380ml cartridges when fixing balustrades, handrails, racking and holding down machinery.

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