GearWrench Dual Ratchet Head Combination Spanner

Code TYPE 855
Code TYPE 855
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    GearWrench are a manufacturer of premier mechanics hand tools, designed to meet the tough requirements of Automotive Technicians, Industrial and Enthusiast users. 

    These are the unique Dual Ratchet Head Combination Spanners from GearWrench. 

    Each Ratchet Combination Spanner features a 72 tooth ratcheting ring ends which need as little as 5° to move fasteners versus 30° for standard ring end spanners. 

    The HUGE difference is the Open Jaw end.  It features a additional sprung jaw built into the head which facilitates a "ratchet" action allowing the open end jaw to be used without spanner removal. 

    The 10mm spanner is exceptionally useful for kitchen fitters. Used to tighten worktop bolts where the undercut hollow isn't large enough for the ratchet ring end. 

    **Please appreciate that ANY ratchet combination spanner is designed for speed and as with any ratchet mechanism torque available through the spanner will NOT be as great as when using a standard fixed end spanner…..
    Always “Break” tight nuts and bolts first using a normal wrench.
    Finally “Torque Up” nuts and bolts using a normal wrench for maximum tightness