Pyramex GL105CHT 360º Cut Level F Strap Cuff Utility Glove with Hard Wearing Synthetic Palm

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    Pyramex GL105CHT Cut Level F Strap Cuff Comfort Utility Glove. 

    The Pyramex entry level utility glove with a twist - it's also cut resistant!

    A exceptionally good general material handling glove with complete dexerity complete with hook & loop cuff closure but with the added bonus of a 360º (fullpalm, finger and palm back) Cut Level F liner

    Synthetic Hard Wearing Palm 
    Hook & Loop Cuff Closure

    ANSI A6 - Cut Level F (old cut level 5)

    EN388:2016 Specifications for Pyramex GL105CHT 
    2 X 2 1 F 
    Abrasion Resistance : 2 (range 1 to 4)
    Cut Resistance, Coup Test : X (range 1 to 5 2003 test - n/a)
    Tearing Strength : 2 (range 1 to 4)
    Puncture Resistance : 1 (range 1 to 4)
    Cut Resistance, TDM Test : F (range A to F) = Cut Level F (ANSI A6)
    Impact Protection : No (identified as there is no sixth integer)