Coast XPH25R RECHARGEABLE Head Torch : 410 lumens Maximum Output

Code XPH25R
Code XPH25R
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    The Coast XPH25R is a rechargeable head torch that offers an output of 410 lumens on the highest constant setting.

    The dual power system means that it can be powered by the included Coast 'Zithion-X' USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery which is more economical in the long run, or it can use a non-rechargeable CR123A lithium metal battery.

    The Zithion-X battery features a USB port built into the top of the battery so that it can be charged outside of the torch using the included cable via a standard USB port or using a suitable mains/car charger (not included), which is great if you want to charge your battery and still continue using the torch with CR123A batteries.

    The battery can also be charged inside the torch via the hidden Pro-Tek charging port built into one end, which can be revealed by unscrewing the end. If you want to swap out the batteries being used then the opposite end of the head torch unscrews fully. While charging is in progress an LED indicator glows red, either on the battery or next to the torch charging port, and turns green once charging is complete.

    A single press of the button on the USB charging end of the torch turns the light on and it cycles through the three brightness levels in the order of mid, high, low and off with each press, giving you the option to choose the right level for your application. The mid output will always be accessed first to give a good initial output that is not too bright or too low. If in any mode for longer than 5 seconds the next press will turn the light off thanks to Coast's easy off technology.

    A battery status LED indicator is built into the switch and will illuminate when the torch is turned on to show remaining battery power at the current level. Green indicates that the battery is fully charged, red indicates that the battery needs charging and flashing red indicates the battery is nearly drained and needs to be charged immediately.

    Using Coast's Pure Beam Focusing Optic System the beam can be focused between the bulls-eye spot beam with a range of up to 120 metres, and the ultra view flood beam that gives a consistent circle of light with no dark circles in the middle. Changing between spot to flood is achieved by twisting the bezel of the head torch.

    The headband is comfortable as well as adjustable and features reflective material for safety and additional visibility in low light. The head torch can also be removed from the head band bracket for hand held use, and features a magnet at one of the light for hands free use.

    The XPH25R is dust and water resistant to IP54 standards, making it perfect for a variety of outdoor activities.

    Operational Modes

    Using the Zithion-X battery pack:

    High: 410 lumens; 1 hour, 45 minutes run-time; 120 m beam range

    Mid: 155 lumens; 4 hours, 15 minutes run-time; 75 m beam range

    Low: 42 lumens; 9 hours, 15 minutes run-time; 38 m beam range