March 2014

It is getting closer by the day
TOOLFAIR2014 @ Westpoint Arena, Exeter
April 24th & April 25th 2014
As with the amazing show we've just been to in Harrogate, again we will be proudly displaying
Estwing's Top 40 products : Marshalltown's Top 40 products,
Arrow's Top 20 products : Johnson Level's Top 10 products : Channellock's Top 10 Products
Plus, some fabulous products that our Detroit based sourcing team have found in the USA
Although you'll only know what they are if you visit us

Alpen, Austria's leading drill bit manufacturer are joining us demonstrating their
Porcelain Tile drilling system
as well as their
Profi-MultiCut drill bits (that will drill anything) including the all-new SDS fit version.
Thankfully, more have arrived from Austria because we virtually sold out in Harrogate.

Action Can, the UK's
leading lubricant manufacturer is also joining us with a carefully selected range of
Electrical, professional Automotive and Industrial use lubricants.
Thanet Tool Supplies is proud to be a genuine brick-and-mortar store
providing what can't be found on-line and then eventually putting it on-line.
We do stock as much as we possibly can in the Ashford store
although we admit that occasionally we may not have exactly what you need (sorry)
But don't worry as Kristien now travels between Ashford and Birmingham
three times a week getting your requirements between our store and our internet order warehouse

Wiping Paper &
Wiping Rags

Work Gloves

New Patterns &
Designs Added

Traditional Key
Chains & Reels

Premium Grade
Wiping P

Anti Monkey Butt
Products That Work

Pouches & Rigs
For The Contractor


Don't forget Ashford is open
7.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday
and 8.00am to 4.30pm now on Saturday

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shhh, don't tell everyone that we are still Kents best kept secret
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Born Out Of

A Teaser Of What
Is To Come

Railway Wear

Big In Japan
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Born Out Of


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